David Ben Horin
David Ben HorinINN:DBH

In over 200 years of the American Republic, such a thing has never happened.

Could never happen.

Should never happen.

On January 3, 2021, in the prayer to open the American congress, a foreign deity - the Hindu deity Brahma - was invoked.

Before the ridiculous Amen/A-woman remark, the 435 members of the House, representing over 330 million people, prayed to an idol by invoking its name alongside the Name of G-d.

Within 72 hours, for the first time since 1812, the institution that invoked that image of wood and stone was overrun. The very same room that performed the pagan rite was in a state of anarchy.

Right and Wrong

Watching all the wrong people come to power to make all the wrong things happen, you start to scratch your head.

Isn’t right supposed to defeat wrong? Where is G-d in all of this?

Right after G-d promised the Land of Israel to Abraham, there was a famine and he had to flee to Egypt. He would return in great wealth and his son Isaac, would live his entire life in the Land.

Just when humanity is on the cusp of a great right, we are beset by challenges and hardships from those perpetrating a great wrong.

Hanging In there

Even as the 100-year Israeli-Arab war fades, the foreign policy of Barrack Obama returns. The Palestinian Arabs, who we haven’t heard from in a while, are beginning to pop up their hopeful heads.

The almost dead BDS movement will be breathed back to life by a cabal of radicals now safely secured to the strings of power.

Progress on full scale normalization will be disrupted at every turn as the new administration chooses China and Iran over the Sunni Arabs and Israel.

If Joe Biden doesn’t last four years in office, brace yourself.

His successor, named after a foreign deity herself, will make Barrack Obama look like President Donald J. Trump by comparison.

Knowing that G-d isn’t giving up, we proclaim our loyalty to Him by not giving up either.

The True Test

There are fundamental values that make us worthy of being created in Hashem’s image. The most vital is to recognize the Absolute Rule of the One True G-d.

We can never pay lip service to anyone or anything that would dare question the Immutable Truth that G-d runs the world. He is the Sole Ruler of Mankind.

They tried to cast doubt on that in Washington. Relying on the unprecedented size and strength of their military, their economy, their rule over the earth, they thought they could rewrite the Primary Law of man.

They weren’t the first to make the attempt.

Rome was indestructible. Ancient Egypt was unconquerable. The Soviet Union had over 1,000 missiles, all capable of obliterating the earth. The Nazi regime ruled all of Europe and vowed to for a thousand years.

They had their moments. They were able to fool us all into thinking that maybe G-d went fishing.

The outcome was predictable and inevitable, but not immediate.

G-d doesn’t have to show us His Face all at once. We have to work for it.

Inevitably, the perpetrators of today’s great outrage in Washington will fall into the same dustbin of history. . . and we, the G-d fearing, will be the ones to tell our great grandchildren the tale.

David Ben Horin is the developer and writer for Highway 60 (highway-60.web.app).