Kalman Liebskind
Kalman LiebskindYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Reporter Kalman Liebskind was summoned to the Israel National Police's internal affairs unit following the arrest of one of the officers involved in Ahuvyah Sandak's death.

Another reporter, Amit Segal, tweeted, "In an unusual turn of events, Kalman Leidskind was summoned to the internal affairs department today, following his publication of the story of the recently arrested detective."

Earlier on, it was reported that the detective under arrest was the same one whose story Kalman had received by way of an attorney.

The other occupants of Sandak's vehicle were first summoned to testify last Wednesday, after fierce public criticism that they were being held with no chance to testify against the officers who struck their vehicle.

Their statement is of considerable import to the investigation, as they were eyewitnesses to the incident; even before they had left the hospital, Ahuvyah's fellow passengers were saying that the police had struck their vehicle.

This testimony was invited only after Attorney Menashe Yado from the Chonenu legal aid organization had written multiple letters saying that the surviving occupants of the vehicle were suing the police as victims of a crash for which the police were at fault, and that there was no clear reason they shouldn't be asked to testify about it.