Protest over death of Ahuvya Sandak
Protest over death of Ahuvya SandakNone

Investigators from the Department of Police Investigations at the Ministry of Justice arrested one of the police officers who was involved in the case of the death of the late Ahuvya Sandak during a chase.

According to a report Sunday morning on Channel 13, the policeman arrested is suspected of committing an offense of disrupting investigative proceedings.

Last Thursday, for the first time, the survivors of the incident in which Sandak was killed testified and detailed a complaint in the Department of Police Investigations (DIP).

The boys were summoned only on Wednesday after DIP received widespread public criticism for not finding the time to collect testimonies from the boys who were in the vehicle when Judea and Samaria regional police officers hit their vehicle for such a long period after the incident took place.

This constitutes significant evidence for the investigation and clarification of the incident, as the boys were eyewitnesses to the entire incident, and already shortly afterward while at the hospital they reported that the police officers were the ones who hit their vehicle.

The boys' summons to testify comes after Atty. Menashe Yado of the Honenu organization addressed a number of letters, in which he reported in writing to DIP that the detainees who had been released from custody joined the complaint as victims of the collision accident, and that it was unclear why the boys were not called to testify.