Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh
Hamas leader Ismail HaniyehReuters

Leader of the Hamas terrorist organization, Ismail Haniyeh, voiced his interest in a reconciliation move with the PA over the weekend. Haniyeh followed that up by contacting leaders of Iran, Jordan, Switzerland and South Africa - nations viewed as supportive of the Hamas cause. In his appeal, Haniyeh referred to efforts on behalf of unity in the Palestinian Arab camp on the part of Hamas.

Haniyeh stated that his organization has agreed to hold general elections to the Palestinian national parliament, post of president and national council (PLO parliament).

In the past, Hamas has demanded that elections to a general Palestinian Arab governing body be held simultaneously, ruling out the possibility of staged elections for various representative offices. The Palestinian Authority welcomed the change in Hamas' position and expressed its readiness to advance parliamentary elections.

In the letter, Haniyeh called on leaders of friendly nations to help accelerate reconciliation efforts.

Hamas is interested in integrating with the PLO because it believes it will easily gain an electorate majority and take control of the organization, thus asserting power alongside legitimacy afforded by entry into the UN and the international community.