Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi Reuters

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday she has spoken to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff about preventing President Donald Trump from initiating military actions or a nuclear strike, The Associated Press reports.

Pelosi said in a statement to colleagues that she spoke with Gen. Mark Milley “to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.”

The situation of “this unhinged President could not be more dangerous”, said Pelosi.

Pelosi is meeting with the House Democratic caucus Friday to consider impeachment proceedings against the president, according to AP.

She and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer have called on Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to force Trump from office.

Reports on Thursday indicated that Pence is leaning towards not invoking the 25th amendment.

According to the report, Democrats are discussing whether to act quickly to impeach Trump as soon as next week if his Cabinet doesn’t first try to remove him.

The articles are expected to be introduced on Monday, with a vote as soon as Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the planning and granted anonymity to discuss it.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said on Wednesday she was drawing up articles of impeachment against Trump following the violence at the US Capitol.

If Trump were to be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, he could be prevented from running again in 2024 or ever holding the presidency again.

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