Anne "Chani" Neuberger
Anne "Chani" Neuberger Photo: NSA

US Vice President-elect Joe Biden is expected to choose Anne "Chani" Neuberger to fill a new cybersecurity position on the National Security Council, Politico reported Thursday.

Neuberger, a haredi Jewish woman from Baltimore, is a veteran of the National Security Agency and has served as the agency's cybersecurity director since 2019. Two people familiar with the Biden transition team's plans said that Neuberger will be named deputy national security adviser for cybersecurity in the incoming administration.

The appointment signals that the Biden Administration intends to restore the emphasis on cybersecurity as a key component of national security after the Trump Administration eliminated the role of cybersecurity coordinator in 2018.

Neuberger was the first female White House Fellow assigned to the Defense Department in the Pentagon when she joined the NSA ten years ago as well as the first Orthodox Jew many of her colleagues ever met according to a Jewish Action magazine report from 2012.

She will likely be tasked with responding to the massive cyber-attack committed against the US by Russian hackers last year.

Neuberger's parents were among the Jewish passengers who were taken hostage by plane hijackers in Entebbe in 1976 and subsequently rescued by Israeli forces. According to Neuberger, her parents' experience helped shape her worldview