Corona vaccination
Corona vaccinationMDA Spokesperson

Magen David Adom reported today (Thursday) that it has completed the first round of vaccinations in all elderly care facilities and sheltered accommodation nationwide, making Israel the first country in the world to carry out the first phase of the nationwide vaccination program. Next week, the second round of vaccinations is set to begin, with elderly residents and employees receiving their second and final dose.

The Corona vaccination drive targeting the country's elderly population was launched about 10 days ago. Since then, the vaccine has been administered to approximately 150,000 residents and employees of elderly care facilities and sheltered accommodation.

MDA teams with extensive experience treating elderly citizens underwent special training in preparation for the drive as part of the "Magen Avot Ve'imahot" program, allowing them to provide high-quality, fast and highly professional treatment.

"This is an important day when our elderly parents and grandparents in a high risk group and a top priority in terms of vaccination received the first vaccine and are about to get the second batch. They will be protected from the virus's deadly threat within 10 days of now. Thanks to the dedication, professionalism and speed of its frontline health workers, Israel is at the forefront of the the international vaccination effort, leading the world in this important endeavor. I sincerely hope the drive will reach Israel's entire population, allowing us to defeat this virus and return to our regimens. MDA will continue to lead the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, fulfilling every task assigned to it with dedication, professionalism and speed," said Eli Bin, Director General of the nationwide health organization.