Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandakpicture used with permission of family

The Department of Internal Police Investigations (DIPI) has still not summoned the teens who were in the vehicle in which Ahuvya Sandak was killed despite two weeks having passed since the incident.

The Honenu legal organization called this a "puzzling move," because the teens are witnesses to the entire event. While still in the hospital, they had claimed that the police had struck their vehicle from behind, causing it to flip over and killing Ahuvya while injuring everyone else in the car.

As early as December 27, Attiorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu organization reported in writing to DIPI that the detainees who had been released from custody had joined the complaint as victims of the police action, and it is not clear why the boys have not yet been summoned to testify.

The media published the testimony of one of the boys who said that immediately after the accident one of the policemen was heard in the arena bragging to his friend about the damage to the vehicle.

Advocate Yado said, "There are actions that were not promoted and necessary investigative actions that were not taken, and summoning the boys to receive an orderly complaint is one of those actions."