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The US dollar fell in trading Wednesday to just 3.18 shekels per dollar, the lowest conversion rate for the dollar against Israel’s currency in almost 25 years.

The dollar, which had been in a steady decline for much of 2020, fell sharply against the New Israeli Shekel Wednesday, following news that Democrat Raphael Warnock is projected to win the special Senate race in Georgia, with fellow Democrat Jon Ossoff leading against incumbent Senator David Perdue.

If Ossoff maintains his lead over Perdue and wins the Georgia Senate seat, Democrats will be able to use the Vice President’s tie-breaking vote after January 20th to control the upper chamber of Congress, giving Democrats majority status both the House and the Senate.

At the beginning of the year, the dollar was worth 3.21 shekels, falling slightly to 3.20 by the end of trading Tuesday.

On Wednesday, however, the US Dollar plunged as soon as trading opened, falling to 3.18 shekels per dollar.

That’s the weakest the US Dollar has been against the New Israeli Shekel since April 26th, 1996.