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Turns out the Alec Baldwin’s Spanish wife Hilaria is not so Spanish after all. She is actually Hillary, plain white bred from Boston.

But since to make it in America, it pays to have an act, Hillary chose Spain as her heritage for that exotic touch.

Married to Alec (since 2012) and moving with the fast-crowd in Hollywood, a girl has to keep up.

Nobody wants to be ordinary. Everybody wants to be a contender.

Now, exposed, it’s a “scandal” du jour that she would present herself as something she isn’t. She and her husband are now being targeted and harassed as phonies. As if she committed the heist of the century. A crime that deserves hard labor. Americans really from Spain feel usurped, claiming it is skin off their back what she did.

Okay. She’s been outed… but the story is much larger than Hillary Baldwin. The story is about how America has changed from an empathy culture to a cancel culture.

Nobody is safe.

Years ago we were known as a litigious nation. Lawyers everywhere for everything. Today, through the gossip of social media, everybody is his own law and prosecutor.

People want blood. Through a thousand cuts, you will pay. Give the scoffers a taste and they will twitter you out of your home, your family, your reputation.

In a flash, your good name becomes anathema.

Yes, Hillary Baldwin came from Boston…and what sin did she commit for wanting a new life, a different identity?

But that is exactly what America is all about…second chances, and it has never been anybody’s business where you came from.

Those two in Congress, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib…they’ve got it thought out perfectly, how to fib yourself into someone else’s culture.
People took pride becoming something from nothing. Going from Rags to Riches has always been the crown of American Exceptionalism.

It’s worked beautifully like that throughout the generations. So that all the men who created Hollywood took America at its word and left the shtetels, and then the tenements, to become tycoons. Samuel Goldfish became Samuel Goldwin. The others transformed themselves likewise, because this was America.

Is it still?

Well, they do tell us that gender is interchangeable, which means, we are told, that today you could be a man, and tomorrow you could be a woman.

Just say the word, and it’s done.

There would have been no scandal if Hillary Baldwin had revealed herself as all of a sudden Harold, or Harry, and if so, there’d be congratulations.

Moreover, Alec and Harry Baldwin, a typical American couple, doing us all proud. If only Hillary had thought of this, rather than Spain.

Those two in Congress, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib…they’ve got it thought out perfectly, how to fib yourself into someone else’s culture.

They have no bloodlines going back to slavery, nor have they a history of the Civil Rights Movement, and yet straight off the boat they call themselves African Americans.

That gives them cover and endowments reserved, you’d think, only for a true and unique class of people. Those who paid the price beginning with their ancestors in bondage.

Where is the scandal about that chutzpah?

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