Republican officials in the United States have appealed to Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan, hoping that he will be able to recruit additional support for their candidates in the special elections to the Senate in the state of Georgia today.

In an address to Evangelical supporters of Israel, Yossi Dagan is filmed appealing to them to “vote for the Republican candidates, for the sake of the future of the United States and the Land of the Bible.”

The results of the special elections will be pivotal for whichever party wins. If the Republicans hold onto their two Senate seats in Georgia, they will likewise maintain their control of the US Senate. If the Democrats win, however, the Senate will be tied 50-50, in which case the decisive vote will go to Vice-President-Elect, Kamala Harris, of the Democratic party.

Senior Republicans have identified Dagan as a possible figure for drumming up support for their party, as he is considered to wield influence among Evangelicals and other Christian supporters of Israel. Dagan also featured in the Republican campaign for President Trump in the 2020 presidential elections, as he did in the 2016 campaign.

In the current Senate race, Democrats have reportedly invested three times the amount invested by Republicans, in order to flip a state that has been firmly red for decades, until Biden’s win in November. The current Senate race is extremely tight.

In his video address, broadcast on social networks, Dagan stated:

“These elections in Georgia are extremely significant for the future of both the United States and of Israel. They will determine who controls the Senate, as well as the nature of the decisions it makes. My request of you is that when you go out to vote, you should remember which of the candidates conducts himself in accordance with the values of the Bible, and ask yourselves who will fulfil the moral injunctions of the Bible and act to protect them. We here in the Land of the Bible, are watching from afar to see the results of these elections – and every single vote counts. We are praying and hoping that these values will triumph, and I call on you to vote for the right candidates – those who have Biblically-based values. I ask of you to vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue for the Senate. Thank you very much, from Samaria, the heartland of the Land of Israel.”