Netanyahu with Jordan Valley sovereignty map
Netanyahu with Jordan Valley sovereignty mapFlash 90

Right-wing leaders, wave the banner of the Land of Israel and we will stand behind you.

Our previous article, in which we called on right-wing leaders not to abandon or forget the banners of the national camp in the name of the battle for health and the economy, won much resonance and gave rise to many responses.

Along with the many supporters, who encouraged and strengthened our remarks, there were also those who claimed that the blurring of ideology is a well-known and accepted tactic in an election period.

The way to the ballot box passes through an appeal to the broadest common political denominator to garner votes both from the Right and the Left, they explained, attempting to reassure us, adding with a wink: The day after the elections everything will look different.

And indeed, this approach is familiar and well-known.

However, it is correct and permissible for us to demand from leaders of the national camp to stand publicly for truth and values. If this is the ideology that the leader believes in, he should present himself openly to the people and ask them to trust him or her.

This becomes sharper when speaking of candidates who see themselves as a future prime minister.

A prime minister stands for his values, promotes positions of the camp that sent him to lead, but also relates to civil matters (health, the economy, etc.) for all of the citizens in general, equally and honorably, whether they voted for him or not. It is a terrible mistake to believe that to wave the banners of the Right camp is an obstacle to the ability to form a stately, fair and worthy leadership.

As noted, there were those who claimed that the day after the elections it will be possible for those who hid the Zionist values before the elections, to return to promoting the principles and values of the national camp after the elections. To those who make this claim, we say that after the elections, the population of voters expects, and rightly so, that their elected leaders will keep their word. A leader who is deceptive and does not stand by his word will find himself in future elections close to, or below, the threshold of exclusion. The Blue&White party and Labor can testify to this, since, as we remember, they broke the promise that they made before the election and now they are left without voters.

The strength of a party is built on the public’s trust for the leader, his values and his promises.

Therefore, we can expect and believe that a leader who shelves his values before the elections in the name of the battle for the economy and health, will not be able to return to them after the elections.

The cold political balance and his future aspirations will lead him to the conclusion that he is committed to the vague path that he promised to his constituents. So we must not believe that after the elections things will be different.

The way it will look after the elections is exactly what we see now.

The fact that a right-wing leader, in his heart, will continue to make vain and empty promises relating to Land of Israel values, means nothing to the camp that sent him to leadership.

But beyond this is another important data point. The purpose of blurring positions is to open the door to creating future coalitions with center-Left parties, in the name of the emergency that we all find ourselves in.

And indeed, even now, one can hear more than one voice among the right-wing leadership declaring that he does not rule out sitting in a government with various left-wing parties. Does anyone think that in such a mixed government any right-wing leader will be able to go back to promoting values of Jewish identity, settling the Land, sovereignty or fixing the justice system, etc.?

Why, even if he becomes prime minister, he will not be able to promote any of these values within the structure of such a Right-Left government, and to see this, it is enough to look at the capabilities of the government that is now taking its final steps.

The Netanyahu-Gantz government was formed on the basis of the current emergency. Because of this, past battles have been cast aside, we have been promised, and indeed, parties joined the government with contradictory agendas, but within a few days, it became a paralyzed government, a government of internal battles and the only thing it was able to advance was our path to another election.

In summary, blurring of positions may perhaps manage to confuse a few voters and glean a few more votes, but it would mean an inevitable national paralysis and neglect of values of the national camp.

It would not be a political trick that we would be able to cancel the day after the elections.

A leader who has committed himself not to deal with nationalist matters will be forced to keep this commitment.

This is why we reiterate our call to right-wing leaders: the banners of economy and health are extremely important, but they can and must stand alongside, and not instead of, the banners of loyalty to the Land of Israel, tradition and Jewish identity.

Leadership that stands for this will find that we will mobilize ourselves with all our strength to have them succeed in the elections.

And by the way, up to now, this has proven itself at the ballot box. The clear and resolute declaration for the Land has yielded impressive numbers of mandates.

Parties and leaders that have acted on behalf of Israel’s sovereignty in its Land have won broad support in the street and at the ballot box.