Esther Horgan
Esther Horgan Courtesy of the family

Israeli security forces revealed the identity Monday of the Palestinian Arab terrorist arrested late last month in connection with the murder of Esther Horgan.

On Monday, Israel’s military censor cleared for publication details of the arrest and interrogation of the terrorist, along with his identity.

The suspect is 40-year-old Muhammad Maroach Kabha, a resident of the town of Tura al-Gharbiyyeh, near Jenin in Samaria.

Kabha has a history of terrorist activity, and served multiple sentences for terrorism.

Israeli security forces also arrested four Palestinian Arabs suspected of aiding Kabha while he hid from police.

During his interrogation by the Shin Bet internal security agency, Kabha admitted to murdering Horgan and indicated that the murder was committed on nationalistic grounds. Kabha also provided additional details of the murder to investigators.

Kabha resolved to carry out the terror attack roughly a month and a half before the murder took place. He claimed that his decision was influence in part by the recent death of a jailed terrorist, Kamal Abu Wa'aer, who died in jail as a result of an illness.

Kabha reached the location of the murder by sneaking through a breach in the Israeli security fence, scouting out a place for the planned attack.

After he determined that there was little traffic in the area and Israeli pedestrians pass through the area, Kabha decided to carry out a murder at the site in question.

Following the murder, friends and family of Kabha from the town of Deir al-Ghusun assisted him as he attempted to evade arrest.

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