Vaccination drive at Shalva
Vaccination drive at ShalvaShalva

The campaign to inoculate persons with disabilities began at the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem.

Roughly 1,200 men and women with disabilities, along with caregivers, therapists and medical staff, received the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccination today at Shalva National Center in Jerusalem.

The inoculation campaign was carried out by MDA volunteers and supervised by Shalva’s administration which set up vaccination booths across the Center’s Sports Center. Great efforts were taken to observe all Ministry of Health guidelines, while maintaining impressive order and displaying utmost sensitivity and concern to the vaccinating group.

Throughout the day, over 1,200 individuals with disabilities and their caretakers arrived at Shalva National Center from across Israel in order to receive the vaccination, and the reactions and feedback from recipients were overwhelming positive.

The inoculation of people with disabilities enables them, in all likelihood and for the foreseeable future, to return to normal life. For them, this means continuing to benefit from vital therapies and treatments that they require without fearing the constantly-fluctuating rate of COVID infection in the country or imminent lockdowns that interrupt the flow and steady activities of the facilities and frameworks that they attend.

Shalva founder Kalman Samuels expressed: “We were honored and delighted to host this vital inoculation campaign that brings with it hope for a brighter tomorrow and reveals the light at the end of this bleak coronavirus tunnel. It is an optimistic, heartening beginning for what we collectively pray shall be a wonderful new tomorrow for all of us in Israel and around the world.”