In light of the difficult situation of growing agricultural terrorism, Jews in lone farms are facing down threats to their lives. Rabbis and public figures are calling for support - the Hashomer Yosh organization is in danger of closing down and they need your help.

One early March afternoon in 2017 in the home of Shabtai Koshovelsky on Mor Farm (approximately one kilometer east of Tene-Omarim), a Palestinian terrorist forcefully entered the Koshovelsky home with two knives. Shabtai’s wife and two children were in the adjacent room.

Shabtai ran to retrieve a weapon from the adjoining room, the terrorist chasing him and attempting to stab his victim in the back. The family’s guard dog managed to delay the assailant for a few fateful seconds, during which time Shabtai managed to grab his weapon and neutralize the terrorist.

I remember the attempted murder of Koshovelsky,” explained Prof. Arieh Zaritzsky (78), Lehavim resident and the organization’s oldest volunteer. “I volunteer at Mor Farm, and that evening when I arrived for guard duty, there were many military and police forces present. Normally, the volunteers are the ones who safeguard and protect the lands. The farmers give their lives. Shabtai acted quickly and didn’t falter, successfully preventing a major disaster. Day after day, they act as human shields to prevent the next murder. I call on everyone able to come and safeguard, help the farmers.”

Partner with us in helping Judea and Samaria’s residents continue their national mission, safeguard their homeland, and prevent the next murder. >>>

Prominent rabbis and public figures join the farmers’ calls to help Hashomer Yosh continue its sacred work. Rav Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of the city of Tzfat said, “We wish to bless each and everyone in this whole organization, who helps the farmers to safeguard the Land, protecting the fruits of their labor from theft and destruction. All who are able, come help and be blessed.”

Additionally, Rav Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of the City of Kiryat Arba issued a public call to action to aid the Hashomer Yosh organization, “The members of this organization donate their time, energy, and wisdom to help all those of our brethren, residents of our country against the harm, thefts, and harassment by terrorists - it is a great mitzva to to help them. All who are able and contribute are partners in building and settling our Land - and all who help, they will be blessed by heaven.”

MK Miki Zohar, in a personal address to the people of Israel, “Israeli agriculture is important to all of us. Agriculture in Judea and Samaria, especially, which safeguards the State of Israel and helps us settle and build its Lands. I call upon each and every one of us to help, assist the Hashomer Yosh organization, which does its job faithfully - guarding the farmers and protecting against the theft and robberies that we want to prevent.”

The farmers in these lone, independent farms, they are at the forefront every day. They are giving their very lives to safeguard the Lands of the State of Israel. The Yosh organization concerns itself with this winter’s mission, that no farmer will face down agricultural terrorism alone, thereby succeeding in our National mission.

Partner with us in helping Judea and Samaria’s residents continue their national mission, safeguard their homeland, and prevent the next murder. >>>