Thousands held a peaceful protest in front of the offices of the Police Investigations Department at Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem.

The demonstrators from all over the country carried signs with a picture of Ahuvya Sandak and are calling to "close the Judea/Samaria police" and "don't whitewash the murder of Ahuvya Sandak". Police were activated to evacuate the demonstrators from the road.

Rabbi Dov Lior opened the demonstration and spoke, as did MK Yitzhak Pindros of United Torah Judaism. Rabbi David Fendel, head of the Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot, addressed the audience: "Even a negligent killer is called a murderer. Take responsibility for this murder. What body in the country investigates itself? Where did we see police officers interrogate police officers?

"There's no body in the world that investigated itself. We call for the closure of the Judea/Samaria special police, evil emerged from you, so first of all, make a stop. Then explore what happened with this unnecessary death. We want unity and connection. I from the south feel connected to the center and the heart. Sending blessing and love to Samaria. You are our emissaries," the rabbi added.

Anger flared following the 1Channel 12 Newsreport that the four policemen involved in the chase would not be prosecuted. According to the report, indictments against Sandak's friends who were with him will be filed during the coming week.

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