Protest against police
Protest against policePhoto: TPS

The four policemen who were involved in the pursuit of the late Ahuvya Sandak that led to his death will not face prosecution, Channel 12 News reported.

According to the report, indictments against Sandak's friends who were with him will be filed during the coming week.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with the parents of the late Ahuvya Sandak, expressing condolences on the death of their son during the police chase in Binyamin. Netanyahu invited the parents to his office and they in response sent him an invitation to Bat Ayin.

Meanwhile tonight, hundreds held peaceful protests in front of the offices of the police interrogation department on Har Hotzvim in Jerusalem. Among speakers at the demonstration was Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba, Hebron.

Security sources warned this week of violence in Judea and Samaria that could lead to escalation. Police, the sources add, are having a hard time enforcing order, and the danger is that these incidents could ignite the area.

Another security source said, "There is a group of rioters in the area who are taking advantage of the tragic event in which the late Sandak was killed in order to unload any burden. These are dozens of violent incidents against Arabs and security forces. It is only a matter of time before there are casualties from the Palestinian side or security forces.

"There is no need to explain how such an incident of Palestinian killing could ignite the area and lead to terror attacks against Jews. They don't understand this and it would be right for factors that can restrain them to understand this and act accordingly."