Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt Flash 90

Former White House envoy Jason Greenblatt says Trump is fighting an “uphill battle” in his efforts to prove the election was conducted unfairly, but hopes he will “continue to be a force for good” in any event.

Speaking to Ilana Dayan on Galei Tzahal, Greenblatt noted he had spoken with Trump following the election.

“He firmly believes the election was stolen from him, he thinks there are multiple reasons why this election is not fair. He’s given very specific examples of why it was [not],” Greenblatt said, but added: “It's going to be a challenge to prove that.”

“It’s going to be a very uphill battle. The news media is against him, and it’s hard to prove the different things that bring that case together. So let’s see how that unfolds for him.”

“He’s clearly working very hard on it and we’ll see if he manages to show everybody the things that he says happened and if he is successful in changing that around. It is a big battle to do that, but I wish him success in it.”

Greenblatt said that Trump doesn’t need anyone to tell him when the fight is over. “I think he’ll recognize that himself. If he sees that for whatever reason he’s not able to prove it [and] the courts disagree with him, he will go home.”

“He’s certainly not going to celebrate it. The 75 million people who voted for him won’t celebrate it. But in the end we live in a democracy and we have the rule of law and life moves on, and I hope he will continue to be a force in this country for good.”