Protesters demanding commission of inquiry into death of Ahuvya Sandak
Protesters demanding commission of inquiry into death of Ahuvya SandakHonenu

The Betsalmo human rights organization is calling for the head of the police investigating team appointed to look into the circumstances surrounding Ahuvya Sandak's death to be replaced.

The Police Investigatory Department appointed Asi Grossman to head the team, and in a recent court hearing, Grossman was recorded as referring to the police officers involved in the car chase that led to Sandak's death as "the salt of the earth," and insisting that they had behaved as required in similar incidents.

The director of Betsalmo, Shai Glick, stated in response that, "It's a foregone conclusion that the investigation will end [with the exoneration of the police officers] when you have the head of the investigating time team making such statements. What's the point of questioning people and checking into the facts and collecting evidence when the head of the team already told a court that the officers acted as they were supposed to?

"We demand the immediate replacement of the head of the investigating team with someone from another region, someone who can conduct the investigation as it should be conducted and arrive at the truth. Leaving Asi Grossman in his current position means that this investigation is simply a joke, Isra-bluff at its best. We are confident that the Police Investigatory Department will recognize the justice of our demand and will appoint the right person to get to the bottom of this incident."

Meanwhile, demonstrations are being held in Jerusalem and other parts of the country every single night, protesting Ahuvya's death and demanding that the police be excluded from the team appointed to investigate the incident. Last week, dozens of prominent rabbis from across the country called for the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into the tragic incident.