Protesters against police conduct in death of Ahuvya Sandak
Protesters against police conduct in death of Ahuvya SandakRoni Tzion Felzenstein/TPS

Ahuvya Sandak's friend received threats from the Shabak following his participation in protests against Judea and Samaria district police that are taking place throughout the country in response to the death of the Ahuvya during a police chase last week.

The friend, a resident of Samaria, married and a father of children, came to pay a condolence visit to the Sandak family. While sitting in front of the mourners, a Shabak agent called him and hung up. Immediately afterwards, the friend received a threatening message from the agent.

The message he received from the Shabak agent read "It's me again! I expected to receive greetings from you welcoming me to the area, but you are probably still angry at our shared past. As in the past, I am watching you 24/7. Every wrong move of yours / defiance / violent activity that you take part in, with be met with a significant reaction by me (and you know I don't just talk) so do not even try! Today you have a lot to lose in life. So for the benefit of your family and yourself take care and watch yourself! 'Rani'."

The day before, the friend had demonstrated in front of the house of a police detective who was involved in the incident. Attorney Moshe Polsky of the Honenu organization slammed the act and said, "This is another example of the persecution of the Hilltop Youth."

He said it was "inconceivable that Shabak would persecute the protesters. A person who participated in a demonstration in the evening should not find himself threatened the next day by a Shabak member. It is against the law and all logic in a democratic state. The Shabak must understand that it is a security service for a democratic state, and right-wing activists also have freedom of protest, freedom of thought and the right to criticize the actions of the government."

The threatening message (Credit: Honenu)