collecting the trash
collecting the trash צילום: ISTOCK

The Jerusalem Finance Committee this week approved a commercial agreement with the state for the use of a new facility for the absorption and sorting of garbage. The facility, which is in the tender process, would be located in the Good Samaritan compound in the Mishor Adumim area. The decision of the committee is subject to the approval of the City Council.

The decision to build the facility was made about save years ago by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The plant will be established by the State of Israel through the tender of the Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance. As part of the project, a new facility will be built that will perform initial sorting and recycling.

The innovative process in this plant is the conversion of waste residues into energy, which will be used to generate electricity and thus eliminate the need for landfilling of hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage.

The use of the new plant, when completed, will save the city of Jerusalem tens of millions of shekels, which it spends today on landfilling, will significantly improve the preservation of the environment in the soil and prevent air pollution, and is a long-term solution to the issue. The plant will make garbage treatment significantly more efficiently and will be able to absorb the large amounts of garbage that is produced in the area produce each year.

In many places around the world such facilities operate within the city, but this facility will be established at a great distance from the city.