Y (R) with S and I
Y (R) with S and IPhoto: IAF

Lieutenant Y grew up in a religious moshav in the Golan, and studied at the Hispin yeshiva high school. At the end of high school, he studied for a year and a half at the Bnei David army preparatory academy, and from there he enlisted in a pilot's course.

"The course was not my dream, I just rolled with the army placement procedures," he told Arutz Sheva, "but yes, as soon as I enlisted and started flying, I realized that this profession is very attractive to me, suitable for my character and especially of immense value to the defense of Israel."

Being in the pilot's course connects to the values ​​on which you were educated?

"There is a concept in halakha that one must carry ot a ‘commandment that cannot be fulfilled by others’. Being a pilot requires specific technical abilities that not many people in the population have, so if I am told I am needed there, I will happily go because that is probably my purpose."

S, today the wife of Lieutenant Y, grew up in a locality in Samaria, studied for a year at the "Danieli" seminary - a branch of Eli, and from there continued to national service as a coordinator for Bnei Akiva, and is currently studying for a bachelor's degree.

Lieutenant Y tells us about their acquaintance, made possible by his service in the Air Force: "It started through I, S’ brother; he and I have been walking the same path together for many years, 3 years in the yeshiva high school in Hispin, a year and a half in Eli preparatory academy and 3 years in the course, he a course behind me. "

"During the course he and his wife organized the match, it worked out and we turned from good friends to in-laws."

Getting married during a pilot training course is not easy, as Lt. Y tells us: "The challenge is to build a family in a complete and stable way with all the attention it requires, while not losing professionalism during the course. It is a challenge that needs a lot of correct balancing and prioritizing, in particular an understanding that the mission here is not my self-fulfillment but a great task and mission of the home. "

And now, in routine life after the wedding .... how does it feel?

"It feels good. We feel that we did the right thing, with a lot of Divine assistance all along the way. But with humility facing the challenges ahead. While the course has finished, learning and training always continue - the planes become more complex, the missions more complex, and responsibility increases.”

"We hope that in the future we will also be able to balance home life and the army in a good way and give the best we can," he concludes.