Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel SmotrichOren Ben Hakoon/POOL

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) on Tuesday commented on the rumors regarding the alleged rift between him and MK Naftali Bennett.

"Rest assured, we will run together because that is what the public wants and that is what is right. We complement each other. Naftali is taking on the task of economics, and I have taken the path of the right," he told Radio 103FM in an interview, stressing, “We are running together, 100%.”

"We had 24 seats in the polls before Gideon Sa’ar got involved. All of the last six months, at the end of which we reached 20 seats, was a time period in which Bennett dealt with the coronavirus and the economy, and I dealt with other things, and it seems to me that the public liked this togetherness, and the ability to conduct debates and disputes in a respectful manner,” continued Smotrich.

"This is what the partnership between Naftali and me is built on. I represent the religious Zionist half in this party and it seems to me that when you know how to work correctly - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Despite this, it seems that Smotrich and Bennett do not see eye to eye on everything, as Bennett has made it clear that eradicating the coronavirus pandemic takes precedence right now, while Smotrich is interested in promoting the known core issues, including sovereignty.

"There is a gap but I think the beautiful thing is the ability to live with this gap. Certainly there is a gap. If we thought the same things we would be in the same party, and not running together as members of two different parties. It is impossible to take Naftali’s rights away from him. I represent religious Zionism and naturally I maintain its ideological anchor and I will constantly strive to realize as much of it as possible. This togetherness has known to come together excellently until now and I think we agree on many elements," said Smotrich.