Missile seen over Damascus
Missile seen over Damascus Reuters

Syria’s air defense systems were activated in the Damascus area on Tuesday night, the official Syrian news agency, SANA, reported.

Syrian television reported that the air defense system had thwarted an Israeli air strike.

SANA reported that one person was killed in the air strike and three soldiers were injured.

A military source told the news agency that the attack was carried out from the northern Galilee region and that the air defense systems intercepted some of the missiles.

On Thursday night, Syrian media reported that the country’s air defense systems were activated in response to an “Israeli aggression” near Masyaf in northwestern Syria.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said that Israeli missiles had been launched from northern Lebanon toward the Masyaf area. It added that the "air defense systems have successfully intercepted the attack and shot down most of the missiles."

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least six Iranian-aligned fighters were killed and more injured in the air strike.

Israel did not comment on the air strike.

Satellite footage published after that air strike showed that it destroyed four production buildings that were used for mixing and casting components of missile engines and warheads.