Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandak picture used with permission of family

One of the minors who was injured in the police chase in which Ahuvya Sandak was killed described what happened immediately following the accident in the first public statement from one of the occupants of the vehicle since the accident.

"The detectives flipped us over. The car flipped over several times. Then three policemen came around the car," he said.

"One handcuffed my hand to the hand of another minor with handcuffs while two other policemen guarded the doors. He was still inside the vehicle. We were sitting in the back, we could not get out of the vehicle, even before the policemen arrived, due to our injuries and the accident," he added.

"Then behind the vehicle another policeman came and said to other policemen: 'wow, wow, you really messed up their vehicle.' After that the medical teams came and evacuated us to a hospital."

A joint investigation into the conduct of the detectives involved in the incident his underway between the Department of Internal Police Investigations (DIPI) and the police, despite directives prohibiting the police from carrying out investigations in cases where police officers are suspected of a crime.