Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya SandakCourtesy of the family

Friends and family of Ahuvya Sandak, the 16-year-old Bat Ayin resident who was killed last week when a police car rammed the vehicle he was riding in, have launched a fundraising campaign aimed at building a new synagogue and planting a vineyard in his honor.

“Dear Jews, we are in the midst of a terrible time personally and nationally,” Avraham Sandak, Ahuvya’s father, said.

Click here to contribute to keeping Ahuvya's memory alive with the construction of a new synagogue

“The fact that Ahuvya was murdered is a result of disunity, disconnection, and baseless hatred.”

“We’re all disconnected. Every one of us is living in his or her own community within their own sector, whether it be Ethiopians, religious, haredim – everyone in their own sector. That has led to the extreme polarization within the Jewish people.”

“I think that everyone who was moved by this tragedy, who reacts to it by saying ‘What has happened to us, to what extreme have we gotten to,’ or feels how terrible this situation has become for all of us, should ask why this child wanted to do with his life.”

“He only wanted good,” continued Avraham Sandak. “He dedicated his entire life to building up the Land of Israel. He dedicated himself to a specific place called ‘Maoz Esther’; a part of the Land of Israel north of Kochav HaShahar. He lived there and there he gave his soul up to heaven.”

“We, his family, want to build a home and move there with those who already live there.”

“Please donate generously and help us make the step that Ahuvya wanted so much.”

Ahuvya’s friends joined in the appeal, saying that it had been his dream to build a vineyard and a synagogue in Maoz Esther.

“Ahuvya wanted to establish a synagogue here as well as a large vineyard, which would have linked Kochav HaShahar to this area and created a contiguous Jewish presence in the area.”

“He really invested all of his energies into this. He was an ideological youth with a great vision, who dreamed big and wanted to advance the settlement. The best way to protest against the outrage of the tragedy that happened is to move his vision forward.”

Click here to contribute to keeping Ahuvya's memory alive with the construction of a new synagogue

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