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Five Years After Mommy and Daddy's Accident: Every Night the Nightmares Recur. Now I'm Getting Married By Myself

In one night, both of Ya'arah's parents were taken in a fatal accident. From that time, she's been raising her five siblings single-handedly. She wasn't even thinking about marriage, but then along came Roy and chose both her and her brothers. Now they are requesting that we help them to get married by covering the basic necessities.

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Hi, I'm Ya'arah. I'm 24, from Samaria. I remember the moment I was told about the accident. Today, five years later, I understand that I'll never forget it. I was 19. I was in the house with the five little ones, and Mommy and Daddy travelled to the wedding of family friends. They weren't answering the telephone calls, not even after midnight; and when two police officers made their way down the path that leads to our home- I knew before they even opened their mouths that Mommy and Daddy were gone…

It was a horrible accident. Five years have passed since then, and I still have nightmares about cars speeding, flipping over, and blood spraying all over the street. It doesn't seem like these nightmares will ever leave me; but fortunately the running of the house fell on my shoulders, and in one moment turned me into the busiest mother-plus-father on the face of the earth, so I really don't have much time to think.

I didn't think I would ever get married. I knew I have five brothers to take care of, to ensure they'd grow up in the best possible way, to be their warm mother and their strong and reliable father, the psychologist, the cook, the cleaning lady and also the bank. Who would even want to get married - as if I even had the stamina or capability to think about myself during these years.

But when I met Roy I understood that here is someone who is willing to shoulder the burden together with me; to help me raise five children who are no longer so little; to be a father to them and to relieve me of at least 50% of the burden. Roy is supportive and available, and my brothers love him so much; suddenly I'm thinking that maybe I could get married and it wouldn't be at their expense.

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We don't have a penny to our names. Roy's parents gave us as much as they could, but they're already over their heads with work and supporting seven souls. The psychologists advise us to rent a separate one-bedroom apartment, in order to create our own home in the best possible way.

I've "dumped" so much on Roy. I feel the "case" he's taken upon himself is so weighty. It hurts me. It hurts me that his life is going to be so terribly constricted just because he chose us-all of us- as his family. I'm pleading with you to open your hearts to us. You know what? For Roy. This precious soul truly deserves to begin his life normally.

Please, don't leave us alone. My parents already did that, and in one night left us orphans, broken and shattered. Please, help Roy and me to begin our lives together with a semblance of normalcy, with minimally normal living conditions. Please, picture us- that you're looking us in the eye and helping us as much as you can. Please, contribute to our wedding and to our barest necessities as we begin our shared lives.

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There are another 36 orphans who, like me, will be standing under the chuppah alone in the month of Teves. They have nothing- not even the barest essentials. Kupat Ha'ir is taking upon itself to help us all get married. I'm asking you to open your hearts, to come to the aid of all of us and to give at least $3 for the wedding of each orphan.

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