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Evyatar and Batya live with their five children on the Malachei Hashalom farm where they raise sheep, in order to safeguard State lands in an area that has been suffering for years from hostile Arab takeover attempts. They have been living in a tent on the farm for much of the past five years, while hosting youth for Shabbat and festivals.

The Malachei Hashalom farm is named for Malachi Rosenfeld and Shuli Har Melech, residents of Kochav Hashachar who were murdered on the farm’s lands, located between Kochav Hashachar and Shilo. The farm’s 5,000 dunams of land support 600 sheep. In terms of security, the farm is strategically located.

From the interrogation of the terrorists who murdered Malachi Rosenfeld, it emerged that they had deliberately chosen the location due to it being a relatively tranquil area with no permanent security force presence.

Today, the farm hosts Hashomer Yosh activities. Two weeks ago, at one o'clock in the morning, the guard on duty reported that two of the farm’s horses were missing. Throughout the night, farmers combed the area searching for the horses. After a determined pursuit, the horses were returned to their stable.

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The miracle that saved the farmers from a raging wildfire on the eve of Simchat Torah

Avraham and Sharon Kellner have lived with their four children on the Maoz Tzvi farm, which borders Mevo Dotan, for the last eight years. The farm was named for Tzvika Shelef, 14, who was shot to death in a terrorist attack that took place on the Mevo Dotan - Baqa’a al-Sharqiya road. The farm is spread out over a 6,000 dunam area and supports 300 sheep, in order to safeguard State lands. “Farming is very hard work,” explained Avraham. “It’s a 'round-the-clock' job, but what motivates me is our mission and ideology.”

The farm hosts two youth who participate in farm maintenance and assist with day-to-day activities. “They have a very organized, orderly daily schedule,” Avraham said. “Everyone knows what his job is: In the morning, they rise for prayers and study with this breathtaking view as a backdrop - then they prepare to go out to the pasture. Every day, they lead the flock to graze over an are of about three square kilometers, and meanwhile they patrol the lands to ensure there is no hostile encroachment.”

Over the past year, there has been an increase in agricultural terrorism, and the Maoz Tzvi farm, in particular, has suffered from repeated arson attacks.

Last Simchat Torah, the Kellner family woke to the smell of fire. They discovered deliberate acts of arson that had destroyed large swathes of pastureland, though their wooden home was miraculously spared thus averting an even greater disaster. This arson attack was just one of three such events that have plagued their farm this year.

Hashomer Yosh provides the farms with protection throughout the day and night, allowing the farmers time for much-needed rest to replenish their energy and continue their mission to safeguard State lands from hostile takeover attempts. Additionally, Hashomer Yosh supplies volunteers with equipment and coordinates between farmers and volunteers -- even going so far as providing Arabic lessons, to allow better familiarity with the area.

Partner with us in helping Judea and Samaria’s residents continue their national mission, safeguard their homeland, and prevent the next murder. >>>