Palestinian Authority-backed rioters Friday set fire to a water tower of the Mekorot company located near the community of Kochav Hashahar in Binyamin, near the site where Ahuvya Sandak was killed in a police chase last week. Video footage circulating on PA social media shows Border Police allowing the rioters to advance on their position without quelling the disturbance.

A source who was present at the incident told 0404 News: "The Arab riot is backed by the PA. Today, Walid Assaf (one of the ministers in the PA who works against the settlers in Judea and Samaria) was at the scene of the riot."

Local Jewish youth established an outpost nearby in memory of Sandak. The Israel Dog Unit (IDU) was on scene to help protect the new outpost with dogs, and also brought crews to document the incident.

IDU Commander Mike ben Yaakov told Arutz Sheva: "The Arab camera crews always edit out the illegal actions and faces of the perpetrators, showing only the Jewish defenders and their response, so they can cry to the world and cause unfair prosecution against Jews who engage in self defense."

Border Police vs rioters, Kochav Hashachar area
Border Police vs rioters, Kochav Hashachar area Shlomo Witty
Burning tires during riot
Burning tires during riot Shlomo Witty
IDU volunteers protect outpost
IDU volunteers protect outpost Shlomo Witty
Burning water tower
Burning water tower Shlomo Witty
Burning water tower installation
Burning water tower installation Shlomo Witty