Rocket hit (archive)
Rocket hit (archive)Police Spokesman

Aircraft and fighter jets attacked targets belonging to the Hamas Islamic organization in the Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesman said. The planes attacked a weapons production site, underground infrastructure, and a military position.

The attack was carried out in response to rocket fire from the south earlier on Friday evening, when air defense fighters intercepted two launches aimed at Ashkelon.

The IDF said "the IDF takes all terror activity against Israel very seriously and is prepared and willing to act as resolutely as necessary, against attempts to harm Israeli citizens and its sovereignty. The Hamas terror organization bears responsibility for what happens in and out of the Gaza Strip, and it will bear the consequences of the terror acts against the citizens of Israel."

The rockets were fired around 8:15 PM, when alarms sounded in the city and other localities in the Gaza area. Alarms sounded in Ashkelon, West Lachish, Zikim, Karmia, Nativ HaAsara, Mavkiim, and Ashkelon Beach Regional Council. When the alarms sounded, residents entered protected areas.

The IDF said "two launches from the Gaza Strip to Israeli territory, which were intercepted by air defense fighters, have been identified." No casualties or parts of rockets that fell in the area were reported.