Leftist protest
Leftist protestFlash 90

Dozens of Leftists demonstrated this afternoon (Shabbat) against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and government corruption near his residence in Jerusalem.

Clashes broke out between police and protesters, some carrying torches and even lighting a fire on the road near the Prime Minister's residence.

Three of the protesters were arrested near Paris Square after confronting police.

Following the protest, police blocked traffic at the intersection of Matudela-Gaza streets, in the direction of Paris Square. Another demonstration is also expected tonight near the Netanyahu family home in Caesarea.

Yesterday morning, Roi Peleg, one of the leaders of the protest against Netanyahu, was detained for questioning on suspicion of disrupting traffic at the end of a procession in Caesarea. Police later said he was suspected of "disturbing public order".

The "Investigation Now" movement, led by the 35-year-old Peleg, condemned his arrest: "The Israel Police should investigate the submarine and vessel affair. These false arrests will not frighten us from continuing to demand a commission of inquiry that clarifies: Does the Prime Minister mix between benefits for himself and his associates and Israel's security?"