Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Zehut chairman Moshe Feiglin announced on Thursday that he will not run in the upcoming Knesset elections.

"In the first elections, I managed to expose the Israeli public to a discourse of content, instead of the usual personal discourse which currently fills the political space to the brim," Feiglin said.

“I was very close to creating a connection between my ideas and the space for political action, but as you may recall, my party was missing about a third of a seat in order to pass the electoral threshold. The fear of the new and the unfamiliar overcame the hope for change. The politics of people completely obscured the politics of ideas."

Israel, said Feiglin, has been left without a vision and without any substantial hope for change. "All that remains is the crippling tie between the 'Yes to Bibi' and 'No to Bibi' camps and as a result, no real policy can be implemented in Israel.”

"From the third lockdown we will move along to a fourth lockdown, and from the fourth election we will go to a fifth election. Since the first election, the discourse has only deteriorated much further. It has no capacity for accepting ideas in general and those of Zehut in particular. After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that there is no room for Zehut to run in the upcoming elections," he stated.

Zehut fell short of the 3.25% electoral threshold in the April 2019 election, receiving 2.74% of the vote, despite polls showing it clearing the threshold.

Before the September 2019 election, Zehut signed a deal with the Likud to drop out of the race in exchange for a ministry in the next government, and the Likud adopting some of Zehut’s positions.