Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandakpicture used with permission of family

The Department of Internal Police Investigations at the State Attorney's Office (DIPI) has opened an investigation into the accident in Binyamin in which Ahuvia Sandak was killed after the vehicle he was traveling in overturned during a police chase.

Four police officers were questioned today (Thursday) under caution and testimonies were collected from other police officers.

Immediately after the incident, DIPI investigators arrived at the scene of the incident, and since then they have been carrying out the investigative actions necessary to examine the role the police officers played n the incident.

The State Attorney's Office notes that "the entire incident, with all the suspicions that arise in it towards the suspected civilians, including their part in causing the death of the deceased, was investigated by the Israel Police."

In view of the interfaces between the investigations, with regard to the stage of the accident and the overturning of the vehicle, the Deputy State Attorney for Criminal Affairs decided to establish a joint investigation team between the DIPI and Tel Aviv Police, but the suspicions against the police are being investigated by the DIPI.

The decision to investigate the incident as a whole as part of a joint investigation team stemmed from the reasons for advancing the investigation and streamlining it, since there are aspects of the incident in which civilians and police officers are under suspicion, and it is necessary to exhaust both directions and the events cannot be artificially separated.

"In the circumstances of the case, it is not possible to wait until the end and completion of one of the investigations to exhaust the other investigation, since the evidentiary infrastructure is the same and the matters are interrelated," the prosecutor's office added.

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Yamina) responded to the State Attorney's Office's announcement: "This is an illusory announcement that indicates whitewashing is going on. This is a fraud. The interrogation of the four young men on suspicion of involvement in causing the death of Ahuvya pollutes the DIPI interrogation and turns it into an 'Israbluff.'"

The Deputy State Attorney instructed that as part of the investigation of the special team, a clear priority will be given to the investigative actions required by the DIP for the purpose of investigating the suspicions against the police officers.

The investigation material collected so far indicates that the incident began on suspicion that a number of suspects threw stones at Arabs on a road near Michmash junction. After noticing a police car, the suspects began to flee.

During a police chase, at some point, contact was made between the police vehicle and the vehicle of the suspects. The suspects' vehicle overturned and Ahuvya Sandak was killed and four other passengers were injured.