Shalom Lerner
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Shalom Lerner, former Deputy Mayor and Council member of Beit Shemesh, was appointed as Director of the Committee for the Protection of Har HaZeitim in Israel which is dedicated to the protection of Har HaZeitim (the Mount of Olives)and improving its security. Lerner, learned in Ner Israel Yeshiva, Baltimore USA and in Yeshivat Itri in Jerusalem. Shalom Lerner has a deeply personal connection with Har HaZeitim. His grandfather, after whom he is named, Rav Shalom Lerner z"l was amongst the prominent Rabbis in Western Europe before the Holocaust. He was the head of the Shochetim and President of the Chevra Kadisha in Antwerp, Belgium. He came on Aliya, was honoured to be the Treasurer of the Kollel of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess but passed away less than a year after moving to Jerusalem and was buried in Prophets Section (Chelkat HaNeviim) on Har HaZeitim. Both his parents, Elimelech and Frieda Lerner who moved to Israel in 1974 are also buried on Har HaZeitim.

For many years Shalom was at the forefront of many organizations and activities on behalf of Judea and Samaria and the Holy places.

"The time has come that Har HaZeitim from where Techiya Hameitim will begin, should receive the attention and resources it deserves . My appointment emphasizes the deep commitment of the International Committee to invest in and upgrade its efforts for Har HaZeitim. Together with the Members of the Knesset and Friends from Israel and Abroad we are committed to deepening and broadening our activities in the near future" said Lerner. In the framework of his appointment as Director of the Committee, Shalom Lerner met with the Chairman of the Knesset lobby for Har HaZeitim, MK Rav Michael Michaeli and with two members of the lobby, MK Ketty Shitrit and MK Shlomo Karai and discussed with them ways of working together for the benefit of Har HaZeitim.

The international Committee for the Protection of Har HaZeitim was established in the last decade by the brothers Avraham and Menachem Lubinsky who discovered the neglect of the Cemetery after the burial of their parents. One of the important achievements was the setting up of the special Knesset Lobby for Har HaZeitim. The Lobby and the Committee are in constant contact with the Police Force, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Government, to ensure the safety of all visitors to Har HaZeitim and proper care and attention to the Cemetery.