The Arab terrorist who was arrested by the IDF on Thursday confessed under interrogation to the murder of Esther Horgan in Tal Menashe earlier this week.

Channel 13 News revealed details from the Shin Bet's investigation: The terrorist does not belong to a particular terrorist organization, and had waited in the forest for an Israeli victim to pass by.

The terrorist, who was captured by IDF forces, surprised Horgan, hit her on the head several times and then hid her body. Intelligence on the killer's identity arrived today after the incident. Security forces waited for an indication that he was at home and arrested him when he went up to the roof. In addition, they checked how long he was in the field and whether he had arrived with any weapons.

The terrorist, a 40-year-old man, has a history of hostile terrorist activity. He was taken for questioning in broad daylight - and did not object to his arrest. Several other Arabs were arrested along with him.