Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya SandakCourtesy of the family

The family of the late Ahuvya Sandak, who was killed during a police chase, filed an urgent petition with the Supreme Court Wednesday night through Attorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu organization, demanding that he order the Tel Aviv police investigations unit (Yamar) to immediately stop investigating the death of Ahuvya.

The demand is justified by the fact that the law prohibits the police from engaging in an investigation in which police officers are also suspected. Following the youth's death, the State Attorney Office department for investigating police (Mahash) began investigating the incident that led to his death.

Last night already, following the urgency of the petition, Judge Stein ordered the police to give its response by Friday morning.

The petition reads, "The suspicion against the police is that the death was caused directly by the police vehicle hitting the fleeing vehicle and, as a result of the high speed at which the vehicles were traveling, the fleeing vehicle was thrown a long way from the side of the road, during which and as a result of which the deceased was killed. The petitioners submitted via the signatory to Mahash a complaint against the police for the offense of murder with indifference according to Clause 300a of the Punishment Law."

"The circumstantial evidence presented above establishes a basis for the existence of indifference amounting to intention to murder."

Attorney Yado detailed a number of reasons regarding the incident in which the youth was killed for which police should be prohibited from investigating his death.

Among other things, he noted that "the fact that the police investigation is biased clearly emerges from the misleading and false description of the accident as a loss of control of the vehicle, with the puzzling omission of the cardinal cause of the accident - the apparent intentional ramming of the police vehicle into the vehicle of the youths. There is clear discrimination here - even as the youths are being interviewed under caution for the death, the police which caused it are not being investigated and the proceedings against them have still not begun."

"There is suspicion of attempt to turn public attention away from the guilt of the police to the guilt of the youths as it were.

"The unfairness intensifies as the suspicions against the police are for an intentional act, while the minors did not and would not conceive of harming their close friend, and there is a considerable amount of malice here in interviewing the minors under caution while the police are not arrested and have not even been interviewed under caution."