Mrs. Pola Ann Kuppermann
Mrs. Pola Ann KuppermannCourtesy

The American Friends of Laniado Hospital published an obituary for Mrs. Pola Ann Kuppermann pf blessed memory.

"We Mourn the Passing of a True Eshet Chayil (woman of valor)," they wrote. "The American Friends and the entire Laniado Hospital Family are profoundly saddened and heartbroken upon the passing of our magnanimous Benefactor Mrs. Pola Ann Kuppermann."

The American Friends of Laniado Hospital added that Mrs. Kuppermann, together with her husband, David OBM, built the beautiful new Pola Ann and David & Wendy Joy Kuppermann Maternity Departent in Laniado Hospital, Netanya, Israel.

"A Holocaust Survivor whose genuine kindheartedness was surpassed only by her fervent love of fellow Jews," the American Friends of Laniado Hospital wrote. "She joined the Warsaw Resistance at age 18. With the help of G-d, she miraculously survived the Nazi inferno."

"Together with fellow Survivor, Reb Moshe Dovid, they built a home of chesed (kindness) and generosity to help Jewish children thrive physically and spiritually in the USA and Israel."

"Our heartfelt condolences to her distinguished daughter," they added, "Professor Wendy Joy Bina Kuppermann. May you be comforted by your parents’ lofty legacy of philanthropy and kindness that continue to illuminate the world."

The message of condolences was signed by Nadav Chen - the CEO of Laniado Hospital, Prof. Zvi Shimoni - the Medical Director and Rabbi Natan Morowitz - Public Relations manager, in addition to Stanley M. Hyman - President of American Friends of Laniado Hospital, Aaron Shaye Spitzer - the Board Secretary and Rabbi Yitzchok Waldman - the foundation's Executive Vice President.