Scene of the incident
Scene of the incidentMDA spokesperson

Eight laborers have been injured after a roof collapsed in the Kaduri school near Har Tavor in the lower Galilee region.

The eight, all construction workers, had been in the process of installing solar panels on the roof, which collapsed under their weight. One of the injured has sustained serious wounds. Three others are in moderate condition and the remainder sustained light injuries.

MDA responders and paramedics who arrived at the scene treated the injured and evacuated them to Rambam hospital in Haifa and Poriya hospital in Tiberias.

MDA paramedic Wissam Zoabi and emergency responder Morris Harish related: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw a huge amount of rubble, due to the roofing having collapsed. We found eight people lying in the rubble, all of them conscious, some of them trapped. We immediately began life-saving treatment including bandaging of wounds, staunching bleeding, and providing pain relief. We then began to evacuate the wounded to hospital, while continuing treatment. The seriously wounded patient was transported via MDA helicopter to hospital after being sedated and intubated.”