Ahuvya Sandak
Ahuvya Sandak picture used with permission of family

The family of Ahuvya Sandak, the teenager who was killed in a police chase in Samaria yesterday, called on the police officers involved in the incident to be investigated for murder.

The family filed a complaint against the officers with the Department of Investigations through the Honenu legal organization,

The complaint reads, "The information in our possession now and no doubt is also in the possession of the investigating authorities clearly shows as follows: The police vehicle hit the back of the vehicle in which the boys were traveling. The assault was carried out at high speed. The rear-ending pushed the vehicle in which the boys were travelling tens of meters. As a result of the collision, Ahuvya was killed."

"These circumstances establish a strong indifference on the part of the police officer to the most probable result of death. As painful as it is to suspect a police officer of murder, this is the conclusion that emerges clearly from the evidence and there is no escape from an investigation into this charge," wrote attorney Menashe Yado of the Honenu organization.

"We filed a complaint with the DIP offices in Jerusalem about the murder of Ahuvya Sandak yesterday in the police chase," the lawyer said. "The complaint is filed after we also conducted investigations through professionals about the incident. There is good and clear evidence that we assume that is also in the hands of DIP, which establishes the factual composition of the murder offense, the evidence establishes a strong indifference to the probable result of death. The suspects must be arrested "

"All the evidence must be gathered from the scene. We believe and hope that an effective investigation will take place. We think the investigation can be very short. The data on the ground is very, very clear. We of course demanded that the police withdraw their hands from any investigative activity into this death that was undoubtedly caused by an act of a police officer." Yado added.