General Yoel Strick
General Yoel Strick IDF Spokesperson

Hundreds of demonstrators from the extremist 'Jerusalem Faction' blocked the entrance to the city of Jerusalem Tuesday evening in protest against the arrest of a yeshiva student who did not report to the recruitment bureau to receive his deferment from IDF service.

Channel 12 News reported that IDF General Yoel Strick happened upon the demonstration and was attacked by protesters who recognized him in his car, surrounded him, and threatened him.

A team from the Jerusalem Police under the command of an officer managed to rescue him from his car unharmed.

Former Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman responded to the serious incident: "Idlers who oppose recruitment are trying to harm an IDF general and everyone is silent.

The office IDF Chief of Staff Major General Aviv Kochavi issued a statement in which he "strongly condemns the wild behavior abandoning restraint towards the commander of the ground forces that took place today in Jerusalem.

"General Yoel Strick has been working for decades for the protection of the State and its citizens, including protecting civilians from the group that used violence at the event over the years. The Chief of Staff strongly condemns and repudiates all forms of violence against uniformed men, who work day and night to protect the citizens of the country," Kochavi's office added.

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