IDF forces
IDF forces Kobi Richter/TPS

The IDF decided Tuesday to reinforce the Judea and Samaria Division in order to protect Jewish communities following a situational assessment that an escalation in violence is possible in the coming weeks.

In addition, it was decided to implement a curfew for the division's combat forces from today and at least until next Friday.

The Central Command is concerned over increased tensions in the Judea and Samaria sector following the attack in northern Samaria in which Esther Horgan was killed, and the car accident that occurred during a police chase, in which Ahuvyah Sandak was killed and several other youths were injured.

Friends and family of Esther Horgan gathered in Tal Menashe Tuesday morning for the funeral procession, which set out from the Horgan family home for the Northern Samaria Regional Cemetery.

Rabbis and a number of prominent figures, including Samaria Regional Council Chief Yossi Dagan, joined friends and relatives for the funeral service.

Horgan, a 52-year-old mother of six, was found murdered in the Reihan (Shaked) Forest outside of her hometown Monday morning, after her husband, Binyamin Horgan, reported her missing the day before. Esther Horgan had gone out jogging Sunday afternoon, and was murdered by a terrorist that day.

Her husband, Binyamin Horgan, said at the funeral: "Esther, my beloved wife. We walked together for 30 years and yesterday you went out and did not return. How will a few words manage to express the scope and breadth of your joy of life and love of man? You built a house of glory and we had so many more plans."

Esther's daughter, Abigail, said: "You were the best mother in the world. Where are you now mother? You were a woman who was full of light. I'm sorry you will not get to dance at my wedding and you will not get to see grandchildren from me. I know you will always be with us."