Likud MK and former Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat took part Tuesday morning in the funeral service of Esther Horgan, the 52-year-old mother of six who was found murdered Monday in a forest near her home in northern Samaria.

Barkat said the brutal murder, apparently carried out by a terrorist as Horgan was out for an afternoon jog Sunday, was a sign that the struggle for Jewish rights in Judea and Samaria remains unfinished.

“The fight for the right of Jews to live everywhere in the Land of Israel is not done,” Barkat told Arutz Sheva. “A dear lady was killed and butchered by terrorists.”

“The answer to the terrorists is more Jews living in Judea and Samaria, more cities and towns. We’re going to make sure that terror will not deter us, and, if anything, we’re going to see growth of Israelis and Jews everywhere in the Land of Israel.”