Australian-based Redflex, a world leader in development and implementation of intelligent solutions for traffic management, has announced in the past few days that it has acquired RoadMetric, a Canadian-owned, Israeli-based company for traffic technology which specializes in computer vision, video analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). The purchase accelerates Redflex's entry into AI and computer vision to enhance and expand its solutions. The selling price was not disclosed.

RoadMetric, which has its offices in Jerusalem, was established in 2007 by Rabbi David Hofstedter from Toronto, Canada. Rabbi Hofstedter is CEO of Davpart Inc. which specializes in the construction of large residential and business projects. He is well-known to the Israeli public through the Dirshu organization – an international Torah organization which operates in Israel and other countries, encourages Torah learning, and distributes scholarships to those who successfully complete tests in a wide range of study tracks.

Since its establishment the company has focused on revolutionizing the enforcement of transportation laws with advanced video technologies and computer vision. Over the years it has positioned itself as a world leader in intelligent analysis of drivers’ life-threatening illegal use of multimedia while driving. The company has developed technologies focusing on planning and analytics of computer vision for video-based motion solutions, using artificial intelligence. Likewise, the systems offer support for safe and secure vision to aid undercover enforcement police investigating various events.

Redflex’s acquisition includes RoadMetric's AI platform which is supported by seven granted and eight pending patents. RoadMetric will provide Redflex with currently available solutions to expand its pipeline of new AI opportunities.

The agreement also includes the continued hiring of key RoadMetric personnel in Israel with high-level knowledge in computer vision, research and development, electronics, and software engineering. The company has around one hundred employees, a large number of whom are freelancers. Eighteen are tenured employees. Fifteen are moving to Reflex, and the other development teams will remain in Israel.

A global leader in intelligent transportation products

Over the past 25 years, Redflex has established itself as a global leader in development and implementation of intelligent traffic management products and services, which are sold and managed in Asia, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, and the Middle East. Redflex develops, manufactures, and operates a wide range of platform-based solutions, all utilizing advanced sensor and image capture technologies enabling active management of state and local motorways.

Mark Talbot, CEO of the Redflex Group said, “This acquisition will allow us to provide customers with advanced machine vision analytics software and a cutting-edge AI platform to address a variety of issues associated with urban mobility, congestion management, and road user charging. We will also be able to enhance our market leading solutions with the fusion of radar and video analytics technology. Most importantly, RoadMetric brings solutions that are market ready today, as well as a platform we can leverage to meet growing demand for more intelligent roadways.”

Redflex’s decision to acquire RoadMetric aligns very well with the company’s core values of advancing solutions to save lives, save time, and save the environment, and particularly with the goals of Vision Zero – the global effort to reduce road accidents, and ultimately eliminate fatalities altogether.

Redflex has signed contracts in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia, based in part on the global recognition that automated enforcement technology and automated traffic tracking increase careful driving – behavior which saves lives, reduces congestion, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

A commitment to saving lives

“We established RoadMetric to develop technology which would improve safety and security and help save lives,” says David Hofstedter, the company’s founder. “That commitment is embedded in our corporate culture and is shared by us all, the software developers and the company's management under CEO Herbert Zlotogorski. This synergy was fertile ground for our team creating incredible and outstanding innovations for a global marketplace over the past 13 years. We are delighted about our cooperation with Redflex – the world leader in everything connected with the future of smart transportation and artificial intelligence.”

Mark Talbot, CEO of the Redflex Group envisions that adding RoadMetric’s abilities to the company will create a revolution for its customers. “This was not just another opportunity to purchase a company,” says Talbot. “It was always part of our plan to have Redflex grow as an organization for smart transportation. Together with our Halo Edge sensors and the Alcyon platform for the back office, RoadMetric’s artificial intelligence will provide our customers with the opportunity to manage data in ways which did not previously exist, and to improve the awareness and accuracy of our systems in the move toward a world of smart cities as an entire unit.”