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The U.S. Constitution gives the President (POTUS) 136 powers at his disposal in special situations or emergencies. One of these powers is the declaration of Martial law and a further suspension of the writ of habeas corpus which means — a suspect can be arrested and held without a court hearing.

Indeed, federal and state officials have declared Martial law at least 68 times throughout U.S history. Once held to be nearly absolute, it has limitations — for example, civilians may not be tried by military tribunals as long as civilian courts are functional.

In other words, “when civilian authority has ceased to function, is completely absent, or has become ineffective” — as in judicial courts unwilling to investigate the truth of the election fraud — President Donald Trump has the legal and unlimited authority to invoke the Insurrection Act and to declare Martial law to preserve America’s freedoms in the face of significant domestic and foreign threat.

As it stands now, the Trump campaign will likely not win in the courts because the lawsuits are being dismissed before evidence is even being heard. although suits have been filed with SCOTUS against the changes in voting laws in Pennsylvania. SCOTUS will generally not interfere with executive handling of a genuine emergency while it still exists. They will employ every technique of judicial avoidance at their disposal to postpone decisions until the crisis has passed.

Meanwhile, the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) overseeing the 17 intelligence agencies confirmed that there was foreign interference by China, Iran, and Russia in the November elections of this year. Under Trump’s Executive Order from September 2018, ODNI has 45 days from the date of the election to submit a report determining that the election has been compromised by a foreign entity.

In the wake of Obama’s secret stay-behind army of partisan intelligence cabal trying to deep-six intelligence report demonstrating Chinese Communist Party (CCP) interference in the 2020 election, Trump would be justified, if he so decides, to invoke Martial law or emergency powers because “election security is national security.”

Trump also sidelined the CIA by invoking Kennedy’s National Security Action Memorandum No. 57 on Nov. 18, right after he fired Defense Secretary Esper and put all Special Operations forces directly under the new acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller. The CIA’s new role has it relegated to intelligence gathering, meaning it has been banned from conducting major covert military operations.

Secret Germany raid reveals alleged CIA ties to U.S. Election Fraud

The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, nicknamed ‘Kraken' revealed by Lt. General McInerney said that U.S. Special Operations Forces successfully seized Dominion Voting System servers held in a CIA “server farm” facility in Frankfurt, Germany, showing election manipulation in 50 states in real-time.

“Subsequent review of the secured servers yielded proof that China, Iran, and Russia were involved in the attempted coup against President Trump”, who will be shown to have won the election in a landslide. Mathew Billings, who was stationed in Frankfurt stated that Trump won ALL the swing states by a ton. The CIA Data Analyst Officer was trying to leak this data to the Press and ended up losing his job.

McInerney said that the mainstream media, by publishing news stories that say Trump’s claims of election fraud are “baseless,” are “complicit in the treasonous acts. Because in all of this, we have not seen any footprints of the DOJ, FBI, nor the CIA on the friendly side. It’s been on the ‘Deep State’ side.”

Cyber Security Expert Col. (Ret.) Philip Waldron who served the bulk of his career with the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion stated that he witnessed a data transfer from a Dominion machine to Frankfurt, Germany, on November 3rd . . . Election Day!

“The voting systems in the U.S. were built to be manipulated,” all have similar codes and functions that are compatible with Smartmatic voting software. This would make it easy for a systems analyst or hacker to manipulate votes in “less than two minutes” across multiple platforms and states.

Reverse-engineering the Coup’

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor had been using data provided by the 305th, and others, as fuel for legal battles, including her Georgia lawsuit, which alleges that the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians used Dominion to interfere in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

In a letter she filed with the Supreme Court on Dec. 13, new affidavits from two Military electronic intelligence analysts allege that international interference took place in the 2020 election and that Dominion voting systems were connected to foreign systems around the globe. They also stated that the SSL certificates from was used multiple times from the U.S., Canada, and Serbia.

Patrick Byrne, a Tech billionaire who assembled a cyber-intelligence team to analyze the U.S. voting system said that 2020 election fraud is the secret “Assassin’s Mace” of the CCP — where they take out the U.S. with one stroke — is what we’re experiencing right now. CCP developers are “under the hood” of the software that has infiltrated at least two of the main voting systems in the U.S.

Dominion is claimed to be a front for Smartmatics, a company that was built specifically for rigging elections. Dominion has come under scrutiny for its ownership structure.
Byrne described the election as a soft coup. They found cheating was possible “at an industrial level, in terms of generating hundreds of thousands of fake votes.” He gives the examples of vote tabulating being shut down, of poll watchers being denied entry, and of the video of Democrat election workers pulling out cases of ballots from under a table after observers had gone home and then scanning them.

Manipulation of the voting systems can be traced back to China

The CCP is funding Smartmatic through Panama, but it bounces through Venezuela. There is code buried within the Dominion machines that has been turned up that seems to show Chinese provenance.

Dominion is claimed to be a front for Smartmatics, a company that was built specifically for rigging elections. Dominion has come under scrutiny for its ownership structure after its parent company owned by CCP raised $400 million with the help of a Swiss bank before the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Dominion voting systems use firm SolarWinds that was hacked, have a financial tie to CCP and, are closely related to Obama and the Clintons. They also are heavily in the election business and have relations with companies and individuals in China and Hong Kong.

Some online security experts, described as white hat hackers say that they would give the election systems a rating of just one or two out of 10 for security. As Sidney Powell said, “Trump won by such huge margins it broke the cheating algorithms the fraudsters were attempting to use to steal this election.”

The bottom line here is that if proof of foreign election interference under the cover of COVID darkness and the complete collapse of courts as a check on federal and state officials is shown to be the case and revealed as such to the American public, then Trump imposition of Martial law as a last resort could be effective in tracking down and arresting “deep state coup plotters,” corrupt politicians, foreign enemies, and fraudsters who have endangered our national security and domestic liberties — thus preserving the Union.

Joe Tuzara, M.D. is a humanitarian advocate, the writer was clinical research-physician-general surgeon for Saudi Arabian, Philippine and American healthcare systems and is currently an American freelance writer as well as op-ed contributor.