Esther Horgan
Esther Horgan Courtesy of the family

Elazar Roth, chief of the community emergency response team for the town of Tel Menashe in northern Samaria, spoke with Arutz Sheva Monday about the attempts yesterday to locate Esther Horgan, the 52-year-old mother of six who was declared missing Sunday – before being found murdered Monday morning.

“Yesterday afternoon Binyamin Horgan, Esther’s husband, reported that he is searching for Esther, and that he had been unable to get in contact with her,” Roth said.

“Volunteers from the town – and at later stages volunteers from nearby towns even towns far away – along with search and rescue teams, Border Police officers, and Israel Police joined in the searches through the night until, unfortunately, we found Esther.

Roth described Tel Menashe and the surrounding area on the border between Samaria and northern Israel as “peaceful and beautiful, with a great population”.

“People are used to going out at all hours night and day for physical activity, nature hikes, and to meet people from nearby towns.”

He remembered Horgan as “a woman full of life, full of light,” and “a woman who gave a great deal to the community and those around her. She was very family-oriented. She was a pillar of strength for her family - six children, grandchildren – and was creative and artistically-inclined and worked to help people get along.”

זירת הרצח אהוד אמיתון, TPS

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