Dr. Majid Al Sarrah, an expert in public policy and a social activist from the UAE, was part of the UAE-Bahrain delegation which just concluded its visit in Israel.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, he called the delegation's visit "historic," and related some of the highlights he had while in Israel, such as an invitation to a Shabbat dinner.

"People welcomed us in their home. They considered us as family. It was a great experience."

He also noted the delegation had visited the Western Wall.

"It was an amazing experience. We could feel a divine presence, we could feel the bliss of the place and how holy it is.

"Afterwards, we met a lot of students, a lot of youth from Israel who are so eager and enthusiastic for peace," he also related.

He said one of his big takeaways from the trip was "the importance of meeting people and having a dialogue."

"Israel is a great country. People here live in tolerance. It's a great example of coexistence. A lot of diversity in the society. It was a great opportunity to get to know every person from each community. They live in peace and accept each other, and they're so eager to achieve peace in the Middle East.

"I tell you, it won't just be in the Middle East, but this peace will spread throughout the whole world."

Amit Deri of the Sharaka Project, who organized the visit, said that he hopes the delegation leaves with the message that Israel wants the peace to be "warm, welcoming, engaging," so that "people really get to know each other, and not like the peace - [though] it is important and good - that we have with Egypt and Jordan."

"That Israelis will feel comfortable walking in the streets of Dubai or Manama, and they will feel comfortable and natural here in their traditional dress," he added.