Elkin Flash 90

Minister Zeev Elkin of the Likud referred to the PR photos of government officials and public figures vaccinating: "This morning I feel uncomfortable with PR photos and media announcements of some of my colleagues and other elected officials who are being vaccinated today.

"It was been proper for the Prime Minister, the President, and the Health Minister to be first to be vaccinated to produce public trust in the vaccine, and they are all over the age of 60. But bypassing the vaccination queue under the umbrella of a PR campaign only hurts public trust.

"It is also possible to make an orderly decision to vaccinate the government, the Knesset, the General Staff, the heads of local authorities in the first wave in order to ensure their day-to-day functioning and prevent the need to enter isolation. It makes some sense. But until there is such an orderly and transparent decision, I would recommend that we all wait in line and get vaccinated according to age and health status, together with the general public, before the Health Fund's decision."

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