President Donald Trump at White House Press Briefing
President Donald Trump at White House Press BriefingOfficial White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

If you have been present on planet earth for the past six weeks, you have heard all about the 2020 United States Presidential election. The conflict between the two primary parties has spilled past our shores and spread its tentacles across the world. On one side you have people who believe Joe Biden is the President-Elect after winning a fair election. On the other side, opponents argue there was massive fraud and voter irregularities, thus Donald J. Trump was illegally robbed of a victory.

Donald J. Trump has remained comparatively quiet in addressing the media while the election fight has played out. I may have uncovered the reason behind the outspoken President’s silence.

Back in 2016, after that Presidential election, the Democratic party famously bemoaned of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia (after a lengthy and expensive investigation, the claims were debunked). Screeching like a tea kettle, every news station, democrat constituent or government employee repeatedly told us that Donald. J Trump was, “not their President”, and that the election was a farce; Russia did it! Hearing the noise, President Donald J. Trump signed into law an Executive Order that would address their concerns and ensure that elections would be secure from any future interference from a foreign entity. This Executive Order was signed into law September 12, 2018, but it may be an incredibly relevant piece of legislation in 2020.

That executive order delineates a process of responding to situations of voter fraud and/or possible foreign interference in an American election. It states that:

“Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any appropriate executive departments and agencies, shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent on or behalf of a foreignn government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.”

Enter Director of National Intelligence Daniel Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe released a press release before the election, on October 21st, stating that his office had already uncovered election interference from Iran and Russia by way of “influencing public opinion relating to our elections”. The press release also stated, “The President has instructed the intelligence and law enforcement communities to ensure the 2020 elections are the safest and most secure in our nation’s history.”

Around the time of Ratcliffe’s press release, media sources like Fox News, specifically Tucker Carlson, broke the story regarding Hunter Biden‘s business dealings overseas. All liberal media sources guffawed and dismissed the accusations leveled at Hunter Biden. Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinkski aired October 27th and the media, big tech, and the Democratic party either ignored it or flat out lied to the American people.

A few days later, on November 3rd, the election took place; and from there begins the real story. On the night of the 3rd, the country went to bed believing President Trump was carrying a huge lead and was on his way to re-election. When Americans woke up, many were shocked to see that Biden had taken the lead sometime during the night. There’s been much speculation about what occurred that night, inncluding unsigned and late mail-in ballots and more, but the actors involved in the election are far more compelling.

First, social media played an especially important role in this election, from censorship to funding. No matter how it’s spun, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, spent over $300 million dollars via his nonprofit organization Center for Tech and Civic life to influence the election. The U.S has never seen a tech company take so much interest in an election before.

Twitter, YouTube, and Google joined the bandwagon of censorship. Every single post on Facebook or Twitter that dealt with any allegations of fraud within the 2020 election were tagged as “fake news'' and were supposedly “fact-checked” by their in-house fact-checkers. All “misinformation” was to be labelled as such to control the news from spreading. Even Kayleigh McEnany was subject to Twitter’s bans. She was censored for posting a New York Post article about the Hunter Biden scandal.

YouTube, in their blog, announced they were no longer going to permit any content claiming election fraud.

You may be wondering why the establishment was so frightened by the Hunter Biden scandal, as well as why they were so opposed to election speculation regarding fraud by members of the electorate. Well, Hunter Biden, a man with zero experience in energy, made a deal in the Ukraine via Burisma and was paid $50,000 a month, according to the New York Post article. However, Hunter Biden was making deals with other countries, countries like China as well. Somehow, a man with no detectable job skills, made the deal of the century with China, a deal millions would beg for but would never be allotted the opportunity (it is that hard) to make. This deal was to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars. Hunter Biden is now being investigated, after the election.

Recently a story broke from Axios, which told of a Chinese spy who previously canoodled with Eric Swalwell, who is a part of our Intelligence Committee! In the same state of California two years prior, it was found that Dianne Feinstein’s driver was a Chinese spy as well. Again, President Trump was prescient about all of this.

It does not end there! Tucker Carlson dropped another bomb on the American public and released a video where a Chinese official admitted to rigging the election, ensuring Joe Biden was the next President of the United States.

If you read the Executive Order I mentioned in the beginning of this article, it shows that President Trump was sure this would happen and laid out the procedure on how to handle it. Here comes the important role of Daniel Ratcliffe. It is the Director of National Intelligence’s job to investigate any interference by foreign or domestic actors within our elections. This, I surmise, is the reason why Trump has been telling us our elections were meddled with and must be investigated, before mosty reverting back to silence. This Executive Order lays it all out.

In 2016, Democrats were so worried about the Russia hoax—they didn’t fathom the possibility that other foreign countries could meddle in an election where the Democratic candidate was deemed the winner. The Hunter Biden scandal comes into play here. He may be the political actor in connection to China and its part in this election fraud.

The Irony is not lost here, President Trump used the Russia hoax and lies of foreign interference to his advantage. The Democrats were too busy focusing on Russia and Trump, “not being their President”, without realizing that Trump had the foresight to see that the establishment swamp and its proxies would do in 2020 exactly what they claimed he did in 2016. This is why Trump told the leader of the DNI, Ratcliffe, to look into and make sure the 2020 presidential elections are safe. This is why he remained fairly quiet even while the optics of him losing numerous legal battles raises doubt about his efforts.

It's possible that this EO provides what President Donald J. Trump needs to catch these actors red-handed and correct the fraudulent election currently being sold to the American people. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem to be having much of an effect, but while we were playing checkers, President Donald J. Trump was playing a long term chess game for the sake of the American people's rights to a fair vote. Whether or not he lost this time, Americans will remember how the game was played.

Angela Van Der Pluym is a Jewish girl from Chicago. She has a Political Science degree with an emphasis in Public Law and is part of the Young Leaders cabinet of Herut Noth America.