vaccine pilot
vaccine pilotShaarei Tzedek spokesperson

The staff of Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem today (Thursday) held the first pilot to vaccinate the medical staff against the coronavirus.

The director of the medical center, Prof. Ofer Marin, together with the special task force set up to manage the vaccination campaign, toured the vaccination complex where the preparations for the operation were completed and oversaw the planned vaccination process in general.

"Shaare Tzedek is one of the hospitals in the country that treated the highest number of coronavirus patients," Prof. Marin said during the pilot.

"This is where we started with the first patient and here today we are closing the circle with the first vaccines in the history of Shaare Tzedek. We hope that the place we are in today is the opening shot for the end of the plague," he said.

The vaccination campaign will begin next week, but registration for medical workers for the vaccine has already begun. Within 12 hours of opening registration more than 1,000 medial staff members have already registered and will receive the vaccine next week.