Netanel Felber with battalion commander
Netanel Felber with battalion commanderNetzach Yehuda Association

The rabbis of the Netzach Yehuda Association together with the commander of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion, Lt. Col. Mati Shevach, held an exciting Hanukkah party yesterday, Wednesday, at the home of Nathaniel Felber, together with his family and parents.

Exactly two years ago, Nathaniel was critically wounded in a shooting attack at the Givat Assaf junction. Two of his fellow soldiers, Yuval Mor-Yosef and Yosef Cohen, were killed in the attack.

Due to his severe head injury, the doctors did not think Nathaniel had much of a chance of surviving. Despite this, against all prognoses, Nathaniel survived the injury and went into a lengthy rehabilitation process that continues to this day.

Rabbi Yitzchak Ben-Haim, one of the rabbis of the Netzach Yehuda Association who has accompanied Nathaniel and his family since the attack, spoke at the Hanukkah party.

Rabbi Bar-Haim spoke with great excitement about Nathaniel's progress and his rehabilitation - a modern-day Hanukkah miracle.